How Can I Improve My Standing Long Jump?


The best way to improve your standing long jump is to practice the long jump every day. You are not just going to get better overnight. You should also exercise daily.
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Try to pump your arms more, fast, and make it reach far; also, on your last arm pump, try to arch your body forward, and jump! I hope that helps.
1. Players form a line at the left wing going out towards the sideline. The first person in line should be just behind the 3-point line and about 4 feet below the free throw line
1. Stretch before. and. after you do a workout, including jumps. Do jumps over a soft surface and always wear sneakers or other gym appropriate shoes. Ad. 2. Stretch. Always stretch
I think James Wang 's answer is actually the most helpful. In particular, shooting every time you jump on spring is probably the easiest way to improve immediately just by using
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