How Can I Listen to My iPod in the Car?


The Apple iPod is wonderful because you can take your music collection with you wherever you go. If you want listen from your car, you would need to use a tape adapter or an FM transmitter then find a clear radio station to play your music over
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1. Connect your iPod to your car's cassette player through a tape adapter. Plug a tape adapter into your car's cassette player. Then plug the cable extended from it into the headphone
60 out of 100.
I use one of these:…. But if your car doesn't have a cassette player, like my mother's, use one of these:
1. Find your iPod. It could be in your pocket or wherever you put your iPod. Make sure it is charged and that there are no software or hardware issues. Ad. 2. Take the iPod off of
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How to Listen to Your iPod in the Car
When listening to an iPod in the car, use a power adapter in the cigarette lighter to keep it charged, and plug in a connector to the auxiliary jack on the dashboard. Find several ways to plug an iPod into a car, which depends on the age of the vehicle,... More »
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