How Can I Locate a Prisoner in the UK?


The Prisoner Location Service is there to help you if you want to find somebody you believe is in prison but you do not know his or her exact whereabouts. You will need to give your full name, date of birth, full address, reason for enquiry, name and aliases of person you want to contact and their date of birth. The enquiry must be sent to the address provided in the following site: <>.
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You can locate a prisoner in the UK by using the Prisoner Location Service. The service is physically located in Birmingham or online through the Direct Gov website. You are required to give certain details as to why you want to contact the prisoner, who has the right to approve or reject your request.
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There are federal prisons located in strategic locations all across the prison state that has become the United States. One such prison is in Marion, Indiana.
1. Contact the Prisoner Location Service, which is part of the UK prison service. You can either write, fax or send an email. The address and fax number can be found on the prison
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You could try the Prisoner Location Service but it can take months. You will have to wait until he contacts you or his family. Usually prisoners are put in a local Prison for a few
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You can locate someone in prison by contacting the HM Prison Service. This can be done by telephone, post, or even online. To contact the person online, go to ...
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To locate a prisoner in the UK, you start by contacting the Prisoner location Service through writing, faxing or sending an email. Relevant information such as ...
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