How Can I Lose a Stone in 4 Weeks?


Four stones are quite a big and an unhealthy amount to lose in a week. Probably you should try losing a lesser amount. In this case, you need to introduce low calorie foods into your diet. A lot of water is also required. Include activities like jogging, swimming, riding bikes or dancing to help in burning calories. You should also consult a nutrition expert to customise your diet and dance routine.
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One stone is equivalent to 6.35 kg. For you to lose a stone in just four weeks, you will first need to plan a diet and work out plan. You need to eat low-calorie foods so as to cut down on the total number of calorie intake per day. The next step is to eat small meals four to six times a day and drink about nine glasses of water daily. Then, strength train your body three to four days weekly. Finally, ensure that you exercise frequently and moderately.
For you to lose one stone in one month, you will need to work towards burning 250 calories a week. For you to lose this you need to start by eating a nutrient dense diet which is low in calories. Eat fruits, vegetables and white meat. Avoid eating processed, refined and high calorie foods like sodas and alcoholic beverages. Drink eight to nine cups of water and train three to four days a week.
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A safe goal is ONE pound a week. You are trying to set a goal of FOURTEEN pounds a week. We need to be realistic- this is NOT going to happen. You CAN make yourself quite sick, but
Being fit and healthy is quite a challenge in today's fast-paced world. Weight loss should be treated as a change of lifestyle, not just a short-term change of eating habits. You
It depends on how heavy you are to start with, on whether this is possible. If you're 9 stone and want to be 8 stone in week, it would be extremely difficult and dangerous to do.
You could try cutting off a limb? I hear this is the quickest method of weight loss.
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