How Can I Mail a Pringle without It Breaking?


You can mail a Pringle without breaking it by placing it in a bubble envelope. This will preserve the shape of the chip, while protecting it while in transit. Another option is to mail the entire tin as opposed to just one chip.
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1. Measure 1.5 inches from the bottom of the Pringles can and draw a line around the outside of the potato chip canister. 2. Cut along the line to create a short can. 3. Place the
If you can make something almost completely rigid that conforms to its shape that would be perfect. My idea. cover an extra pringle in plastic wrap, paper mache one side, let dry,
put it in something small.
BUT WHY? Just mail 2 dollars and they can buy a whole can of their choice of pringles.honey musturd is good!!
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To mail a Pringle chip without breaking it, make a container with a cotton padding. Write 'fragile' over the package and put it into the mail. ...
If you really want to mail ONE potatoe chip, first find out from your post office if you are allowed to mail it to your destination. Some countries do not let ...
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