How Can I Make a Slipper?


The first thing to do when making your own slippers is to outline and then cut the size that matches your foot size. Pick out a fabric and stand on a piece of cardboard and mark it with four marks; one on your biggest toe, the other one on the each side of your foot at the widest point, and the last one where the heel starts. Connect the four points to make an oval shape. Trace it on the on your finally piece.
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To make slippers you need the sole of an old pair of slippers, sheet of foam, cotton, ribbons, adhesive and scissors. Start by cutting the foam in the shape of a sole. Trace out the shape of the foam on the cloth and draw a boundary then cut the cloth from the outer boundary. Stitch the inner boundary joining the two pieces of cloth leaving an opening to put the foam. Make the straps with the same procedure. Spread the adhesive on the sole and stick the straps and then the foam. Make a bow with the ribbon and stick it on the strap.
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Start by choosing a half yard of fabric for your slippers. You want to choose a nonskid fabric for the soles of your slippers. Then mark four points after the person wearing the slippers
Learning how to knit slippers is a great choice if you want to make hand-knit gifts that are easy and enjoyable to knit, and won't require you to invest large sums of money. In addition
1. Slip the shoe onto your foot and pull out the ribbons on either side. 2. Cross both ribbons in front of your ankle to form an "X. 3. Cross the ribbons behind your ankle to
1 Make two oval shapes next to one other. Draw them toward the bottom of the page to leave space in the upper part of the page for the slipper's ribbons, or even someone with the
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A slipper is a type of foot covering that is worn indoors. Slippers are normally light-weight, soft and comfortable. They can be made from many different kinds ...
a slipper or a house shoe is a semi closed type of indoor footwear, consisting of a sole held to the wearer's foot by a strap running over (or between) the toes ...
Fireside shoes and slippers are popular. When lounging by a cozy fire one may want to wear some comfortable slippers. You can make your own slipper shoes out of ...
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