How Can I Make My DSL Connection Faster?


DSL(Digital Subscriber Line) is a kind of service that uses the telephone line to provide internet connection. To make your DSL work faster, place your router on an elevated surface, avoid using many computers that are using large bandwidth. Reset your router connection if it seems slow. Providers should tell you of the speed connection you are running at. If still slow ask your provider to send a representative.
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How to Make Your DSL Connection Faster
DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is a type of service that uses a telephone line to provide an Internet connection. DSL is an upgrade from a dial-up connection, but although it can handle a hefty amount of bandwidth, it has nowhere near the capability of... More »
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1. Place your router on an elevated surface away if you have wireless computers using your DSL service throughout the house. Avoid hooking it up in a basement or den where it will
There have been many studies, and there is no doubt that Cable is a lot faster then DSL in download speeds. DSL on the other hand comes with a more "secure" advantage, and
The standard broadband technologies in most areas are DSL and cable...
A wired cable connection is faster than WiFi. Some wifi is very fast though. It just depends on what network you are on.
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A DSL (Digital subscriber line) is a type of modem used to connect a PC to the internet. DSL connections are much faster than dial-up Internet connections and ...
Thanks to Ictheosaurus for this answer - it's not mine! Your phone line consists of a pair of copper wires that connect you to the phone company's central office ...
Once you receive your dsl modem, once you open it you should find an install cd. Insert your install cd and allow it to run. Once it has installed all the software ...
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