How Can I Make My Mitsubishi Eclipse Faster?


If you want to make your Mitsubishi Eclipse faster, you can raise the RPM limit on the car. To do this you will need to replace the valves and the springs in the car. You should also remove extra weight off the car. You can do this by clearing out the trunk, remove the car jack and even remove the back seats. You should do other upgrades such as the spark plugs and the spark plug wires. If you want to make the engine turbo, you will have to rebuild the entire engine, which can be costly.
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well Mitsubishi eclipse is a fast car but I really think that Nissan 350z is faster.
A Honda Accord is faster then a stock Mitusbishi Eclipse GT.
1. Determine the type of original equipment installed in the Mitsubishi Eclipse by looking at the trim around the stereo. A single piece of trim that surrounds a head unit and equalizer
Eclipse RS is equipped with a
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