Make My Own Email Address?


To make your own email address you have to create an account with the site of your choice such as yahoo, hotmail or Gmail. You can create a free email account or a paid account. One cannot create an email address without creating the account/or id first.
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1. Register a domain name with a hosting company that offers personalized email addresses, such as GoDaddy, Site Ground and Rack Space. The domain name that you register will be the
Have you ever wondered, "how do I find out who owns an email address?" This question pops up typically after a computer user receives emails that range from annoying to
you can create an email account through msn messenger. its easy that is where i created mine 4 years ago. just follow the instructions and thats all.
1. Open your Internet browser and log in to your Hotmail account. 2. Click the "Windows Live" link at the top-right of the page. 3. Click on the "Options" link
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