How Can I Make My Own Radiator Cover?


To make your own radiator cover, you will need a tool kit that costs about £80. Then make a drawing that you will use for cutting out and assembling the pieces. To see an example, go to:
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1. Apply the paint thinner using a rag and allow it to sit for about one to two minutes. 2. Scrape the softened paint off the radiator cover starting at one corner and working your
1 Take the measurements of your radiator. Measure the depth, width and height of the radiator, taking care to add a couple of inches or centimeters to the dimensions. The idea is
to do what ever you want it to do.
Ernie Cefalu does at:
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To make your own radiator covers you can get some fabric from a fabric store and cut it to the size of the radiator. You will need to sew it together so that it ...
To make a radiator cover you will need, some MDF, a screen, some sheet metal, molding, some wood glue, finish nails, a drill, and some clamps. For more information ...
You can assemble a decorative radiator cover from some pine wood and aluminum screening. The radiator should be measured to find out how much wood and screen you ...
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