How Can I Make My Period Flow Lighter?


There are a couple ways to make your period flow lighter but make it a priority to see your doctor. First start by exercising regularly. Another way is by taking the birth control pill, which will be prescribed by your doctor.
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Many things can change the flow of your period, including stress, illness, and weight gain or loss. If it worries you see a doctor.
Ways to make your periods flow lighter are to drink more water,
1. Visit your doctor to rule out other health problems that may be causing heavy bleeding during your cycle. Fibroids, endometriosis and pelvic inflammatory disease are some conditions
1. Avoid white flour, sugar, and processed foods. These foods seem to exacerbate the symptoms of PMS and cause difficult periods. [1] While it's not proven that avoiding sugar and
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Several things can cause a period to become light or irregular. Stress, sudden weight loss or gain, and hormone levels being imbalanced can cause a period flow ...
A woman's periods can be lighter and shorter for various reasons, these are: poor health conditions, lack of body exercise, one could be having fibroids, poor ...
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