How can a person be made to tell the truth?


While there are ways to coax information out of someone, such as asking for simple honesty, making a person tell the truth can be difficult. By following some simple strategies, it is possible to try to get a person to be open and honest.

Some approaches may work more effectively than others, and for some people, honesty just does not come easily.

The first step in getting the truth involves building a trustful relationship. If a person earns trust, loved ones are more likely to offer honesty in return.

Also important is the reaction to negative information. If someone is scared that the response to honesty is going to be anger or disappointment, the truth is less likely to be told. Building a supportive and nonjudgmental relationship can help spark honesty.

When confronting someone about a lie, limiting the number and types of questions can be beneficial. It's more helpful to talk to someone about an issue rather than fire questions that may make the recipient feel uneasy.

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How to Make Someone Tell the Truth
If you're looking to get someone to tell the truth, but do not have any truth serum, you can try various other techniques to get it out of them. Learn some normal and drug free ways you can get the truth out of someone.... More »
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