How Can I Make the Sunspots on My Skin Go Away?


There is no permanent way to make the sunspots on your skin to go away, but you can reduce them. You can use self-tanning lotion or you could ask your dermatologist about laser resurfacing.
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1. Apply horse chestnut mixture to affected area. Chestnuts contain compounds called aescin that constricts the tiny skin blood vessels, making them less visible. Add 2 cups of horse
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around 20 minutes.
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Sunspots on the skin are darkened spots on the skin that are a result of extended and direct exposure to ultra violet rays. The spots have no effect harmful and ...
Sunspots refer to parts of a skin than are normally lighter or darker than the rest of the skin. These conditions come about as a result of exposure to ultra violet ...
There are several ways to rid your skin of sunspots. One of the more popular treatments is done by laser. It is called fraxel. It resurfaces the skin. You can ...
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