How Can I Naturally Shorten My Period?


There are several natural and medical ways to shorten your period. Drinking water and getting exercise helps. Additionally, having intercourse or masturbating can help to shorten your cycle.
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1. Exercise regularly throughout your cycle, and continue to exercise while you have your period. Fit women tend to have shorter periods with lighter flows. Women who are extreme
srry but you cant shorten your peroid.Its a natural thing that happens for mostly every women in america.If you dont have your peroid then you wont be able to have children.But dont
There really is no way to do it naturally; the only suggestion I have
1. Be Prepared. Even though this doesn't actually shorten you period it helps a lot. Ad. 2. Eat Healthier. It may be hard for some of us to cut back on sugar and salt but by doing
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Some herbs are said to naturally balance hormones which can shorten periods that are excessively long and Chasteberry in particular is one that is said to help ...
I have found information on your question, is there a way to shorten you period. According to my research, the is no way you can stop your period once it comes ...
There are a few ways one can try to shorten their periods. During your period be sure to drink plenty of water and exercise as this can reduce the time of your ...
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