How Can I Obtain a Copy of a Divorce Decree from Washoe County Nevada?


To obtain a copy of a divorce decree you need to go to the courthouse, go to the records department and tell them what you are looking for. You will need a form of picture ID.
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Contact the county's Circuit Court Clerk's office. There may be a fee for the copy.
In both cases you need to contact the County Recorder's office. That's the agency which keeps public records. They will provide you with the procedural details. In the case of Orange
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A certified copy of one's divorce decree can be obtained through their county court's office. These records can be found in the county in which the divorce was ...
To obtain a copy of your divorce decree, you can go to the county courthouse where the decree was issued and fill out a written request. If you are long distance ...
To receive a copy of your divorce in the state of Nevada you will need to contact the Circuit Clerk in the county you were divorced. It is best to know you court ...
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