How Can I Play Halo Combat Evolved for PC Online with Multiplayer?


Halo Combat is a Microsoft game for personal computers designed by Bungie. It has multiple game modes where by many players can fight at the same time. This game is web based and so only for internet subscribers. To play the game one needs to start Halo then click on multiplayer. Select internet option and connect to the server and open internet lobby ready to invite friends to play.
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It's something with your PC. Make sure you're logged in as administrator or contact yours. If you're running vista, right click on it and open as administrator when you open halo.
1. Start the Halo game and select the "Multiplayer" option on the main menu. 2. Select the "Internet" option in the multiplayer menu. 3. Follow the prompts to
Go to multiplayer, then go to internet and choose a match to join.
From the beginning, you need at least a 56k internet connection speed, but I'd recomend DSL or Brodband, these high speeds help to minimize lag. Okay, next you need to connect to
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