How Can I Raise Money for Charity?


There are a myriad of ways in which one can raise money for charity work depending on ones age and talent among other factors. Some of the ideas include hosting fashion shows, doing sponsored events, doing odd jobs during the day like painting, starting a car valet business and many more.
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Easy Ways to Raise Money for Charity
Charities are always in need of funds--and for good reason. The more money a charity has, the better it can achieve whatever mission it has set out for its organization. Before a charity can help anyone, it needs to raise necessary funds to empower its... More »
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Most of the time, for charities to operate, they need donations. There are various ways that charities can raise money; placing drop boxes on strategic locations to receive donations, donations of non perishable foods, hold bake sales, holding auctions, organising fairs, holding sponsored walks etc.
The main source of funding for a charity is from donors. The most important factor therefore is to understand your donors and make them understand what your charity is all about and its public benefits. One can also raise funds for a charity from sales.
When raising money for charity use only paper money for one month. Keep all of your change in a part in a piggy bank or container. Set up a collection jar on your desk if your office policy allows. Think of a product or service that you think you may be able to sell to friends and family. Make a flier and take pre orders of the item. Finally create your own giving circle by recruiting family and friends to fundraise with you toward a common cause.
To raise money for charity, you need access to donations or sponsorship. Another way is to involve the public in a money generating activity which could be creating and selling branded merchandise, for example clothes, jewellery or badges. You can explore the option of conducting an auction of products and services from donors or having a raffle. The law must be observed for the method that will be used.
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