How Can I Revive My Bonsai Tree?


To revive a Bonsai tree, make sure you water the tree at least once a day, preferably in the morning and twice in the hotter months. Wet the entire tree and not just the soil and use a fine spray since a hose will damage the tree. Ensure such water is at room temperature is and not too hot and try not to disturb the soil around the roots.
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1. Use sharp, sterile pruning shears to remove any areas of the bonsai that are cannot be saved, such as dead or broken branches, and wilted foliage and stems. Cut back the branches
Is your Bonsai tree starting to look a little bit tired? Perhaps you received your Bonsai as a gift or maybe you bought it from a garden centre? The point is, unless you correctly
Bonsai trees are a beautiful tree and an addition to any garden, and while they may be attractive, there are often times when they are simply forgotten about, perhaps when someone
To find out whether it is dead or not, scratch a small piece of bark on the trunk with a thumbnail. If the underlying tissue is green or whitish, it's alive. If it's brown, it's dead
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The Bonsai is an art form and a number of tree species can be used such asthe maple, cypress and cedar trees. The tree is usually grown as an ornamental plant ...
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What a bonsai tree represents is tranquility. Bonsai trees are said to help people be at peace when the trim them or shape them. ...
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