How Can I See Deleted History on My Computer?


A computer has various areas from which historical information may be collected these areas include browsing history, software installation history and general hardware and device history. There are also other applications that help look into browsing and computer event histories e.g. Computer History Viewer, a freeware application on, or Windows Defender, an application that comes with some Windows installations. Another way to gain deeper technical information and the history of your computer is by using the System Information Tool.
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To delete internet history you need to go to the tools tab on your internet explorer. Then choose internet options. There it gives you the option to delete internet history.
1. Open the Internet Explorer browser window. 2. Click the "Tools" option located near the upper-right corner of the browser page. A drop-down menu will appear. 3. Select
If you mean internet, you go up to the top of your screen, and click HISTORY. If you mean the computer, click on your trash/trashcan and you can see your deleted history of folders,
1 Press the Ctrl button and the H button on the keyboard AT THE SAME TIME! Ad
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To delete computer history you will need to go to the top of your computer screen and click the tab that says history. After you click on that tab you will click ...
If you are in need of deleting your computer history, you need to find where the history is located. Commonly in the top left corner there is a star and it is ...
Open up your internet browser. On the very top menu, go to the history tab. Open it up and click view history, from there you can then choose to delete specific ...
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