How Can I Sell My Lyrics?


You can sell your lyrics at the official marketplace for buying and selling music lyrics. Ensure to implement a marketing strategy as soon as possible and you can utilize the different media like the internet to do this. Majority of songwriters sell their lyrics online in the many free social media sites.
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How Do I Sell My Lyrics?
To sell song lyrics, join a union specifically for musicians, such as VMI or ASCAP, and meet with other musicians and composers to develop a full song to sell. Pitch song lyrics with a Sonic Bids account, where major labels look for material, with help... More »
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Your lyrics are not exactly sold. First get them copyrighted. Then find a song publisher who will get them recorded and you will get royalties from cd sales and television performances. You can find more information here:
You can sell your lyrics through a huge variety of means. For instance, you can sell your lyrics through places and locations such as websites that sell music and lyrics and through music publishing websites.
I recommend contacting a music publishing company to get your music sold. You want to make sure you have all your legal work in order before your release your songs to anyone.
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More often than not, you don't actually sell your lyrics for money. You get someone to record a song using your lyrics and you will get paid on a royalty basis. That mean you will
1. Cultivate your songwriting talent. Listen to music and lyrics you enjoy and study why you like them. Your own musical tastes will likely dictate the genre or genres you write in.
You dont actually sell the lyrics, you sell the rights to use them then earn royalties Check this out at
Peace Sells lyrics:What do you mean, "I don't believe in God"? I talk to
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One of the best ways to sell ones lyrics is to find an artiste who writes music but not lyrics, and work together. By so doing, you will form a songwriting team ...
Selling lyrics is not as easy as selling a song - and actually selling them is probably not possible. You can try sending them to music professionals like producers ...
To sell lyrics online you can visit the Songwritingopportunities website which allows you to keep 100 percent of the total price fetched. The site offers other ...
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