How Can I Send a Text to a Verizon Phone from the Web?


You can easily send a text to a Verizon phone from the web from your email. You can send the text by typing into the address as the full 10 digit phone number into the send to line and after the number type The person will recieve the text message from you and you don't need to have your phone with you.
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1. Open your email program and click on "New" or "Compose" to create a new message. 2. Type the recipient's Verizon Wireless number in the "To" bar.
There are several free texting sites that you can use to send texts online.,, and are only a few of the sites available. The process is fairly simple
1. Click the "Messages" or "Messaging" option from the main menu of your cell phone. 2. Click "New Message. 3. Enter the AT&T recipient's mobile phone
1. Open your browser and go to the Send SMS Now website (see Resources) 2. Select the country and cell phone operator from the drop-down menus. 3. Type in the cell phone number of
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A text message can be sent to a Verizon phone using an SMS website. You might have to try a few websites, because some providers like Verizon will block some SMS ...
You can use an SMS website to send a text message to a Verizon phone. Verizon will sometimes temporarily block text messages from websites, so you may have to ...
There may or may not be an extra charge for sending a text message to another phone if both have Verizon phone service. It actually depends on the roaming fees ...
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