How Can I Stop Flies and Maggots from Going into a Garbage Can?


To keep out the flies and maggots in your garbage cans, you should start making sure that all your garbage goes int well tied bags before going into a clean can (wash every couple of weeks). Place the lids on nice and tight, and do not forget garbage day.
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1. Take the garbage container outside. Remove the trash from the can and use a broom to sweep the maggots onto the ground. 2. Pour boiling water over the maggots to kill them. Add
Yes, a bleach wash will kill and clean them out. But you need to work on prevention, too. They're especially attracted to meat products in the trash, like chicken bones, the styro
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Maggots pupate and emerge as adults within a few days. You can't prevent them in your garbage. Throw your garbage to get rid of them!
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