How Can I Stop My Ring Turning My Finger Green?


Rings turn the finger green due to the metal content on the ring and to avoid these stop buying cheap rings which causes discoloration. This happens when taking baths because the acid causes the silver to oxidise and releases a chemical which irritates your skin.
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Your finger is probably turning green due to the fact that the ring is fake. Most of the time, costume jewelry will cause a green ring around your finger where your ring once was.
1. Clean your rings regularly with a soft polishing cloth. Wiping them each time you take them off will remove any oils or sweat from the jewelry, and will stop the reaction from
Easy...dont wear it. just kidding.. check out:
This is most commonly because of a chemical reaction between the acids in your skin combined with the metal of the ring. The most common types of metal that cause this reaction are
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There are a couple of things you can do to stop your ring and finger from turning green. If you are short on cash you can use a clear nail polish and paint a few ...
Rings turn your fingers green when the metal used is one that tarnishes. Lower quality metal used in jewelry has a chemical reaction with air, which causes the ...
A ring finger may turn green especially if they are naturally prone to high acidity levels on their skins. This is more so especially when it?s hot and humid. ...
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