How can I stop my washing machine from smelling?


To stop your washing machine from smelling, it is advisable to create a baking soda paste. Coat a towel with reasonable amount of paste then scrub the washer tubs. To clean the residue left while cleaning, run an empty load on hot temperature. Clean the areas on the inner wall by hand. Use warm water to clean the portions of the tub. Finally run the washer setting it on hot load.
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How Do I Stop My Washing Machine Smelling?
One common culprit to creating that moldy smell in your washer is detergents. Most liquid detergents do not have a bleaching agent, and many detergents use animal oils in their products. The animal oils leave a greasy film-like layer around the inner... More »
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It has been recommended that a maintenance wash be done to stop your washing machine from having a bad odour. A maintenance wash involves putting the washing machine on the hottest wash with only the detergent inside. You should also make sure that your washing machine does not pump into a drain pipe that has a direct run to a drain without a u-bend.
You can stop the smell from your washing machine by cleaning the filter. Sometimes stale water collects causing the smell.
This can be as a result of you using liquid detergent,also backfilling from the house waste.
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