How Can I Tell If a DVD Is Pal or NTSC?


It's quite easy to tell if a DVD is PAL or NTSC; this information is usually printed on the DVD cover (usually at the bottom of the front or back) and on the DVD itself. It's better to get a PAL DVD player as it'll play both PAL and NTSC discs, where as a NTSC DVD player will not play PAL discs.
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1. Locate the packaging if the DVD was commercially made. 2. Read the back side of the case. Manufacturers place information such as the region, the sound quality, and whether the
PAL is the European color encoding system while NTSC is the North American system. If material has been encoded in PAL it is also (almost always) using a 50Hz field rate with 576
If it is acommercial movie, it should say on the label. Of it is a home-made DVD, then try it!
Usualy region 1 is NTSC and 2, and europe are PAL
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NTSC is the viewing format we use in the United States and a few other countries for DVD's. NTSC was also the analog broadcast signal we used before the digital ...
1. Select the video conversion program that you want to use to burn your PAL DVD to an NTSC DVD. You can download conversion programs such as the AVS Video Converter ...
1. Purchase, download and install DVD software that is capable of ripping media from discs and transcoding video. 2. Insert the PAL DVD into the computer's DVD-ROM ...
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