How Can I Tell If a Necklace Is Real Gold?


One way to tell if gold jewelry is real is to test it with a magnet. Gold has no magnetic properties, so jewelry that attracts to a magnet is not real gold. However, those marketing fake gold as real gold have become quite clever at making jewelry out of non-magnetic materials. One trick that has often (oddly) proved is swiping the jewelry across an area of skin that has a thin layer of liquid foundation makeup applied to it. Fake jewelry (unless it is gold plated) will leave a greenish-gray mark behind. If you tried these two tests and still aren't sure, the best bet is to take your jewelry to an authentic jeweler.
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How Can You Tell If a Necklace Is Real Gold?
Are there worn patches of silver tones on the necklace? If so, this is not a gold necklace. Look for the gold stamp. It can be found on or around the clasp. If it is gold, you will see a very small stamp of a number and the letter K following.... More »
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