How Can I Tell If Chicken Has Gone Bad?


You can tell if chicken has gone bad typically just by the smell. Bad chicken will smell off, sour, and sometimes have a strange pungency to it. Normally, raw chicken doesn't have much of a smell to it, so if your chicken has a strong smell it has likely gone bad.
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1. Check the "Do Not Sell" date on the chicken's package before you buy it. It's the easiest and simplest way to confirm whether it should be eaten. While you can still
it is old.
Smell the chicken. An odd odor is a good way to determine its relat...
1. Smell it. When in doubt, rely on your nose; it generally won't lead you astray. Just like milk, beef is something that you. know is bad. if you can give it a nice whiff. Smell
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How to Tell If Chicken Has Gone Bad
Chicken can be very dangerous if it goes bad. The worst-case scenario is salmonella, a bacteria that causes serious illness. Salmonella can be killed by cooking your chicken thoroughly. Unfortunately, a number of other bacteria still leave toxins behind... More »
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The first sign is the odor, if the chicken smells foul in any way then it is likely no longer good. Sometimes it will smell like rotten eggs or ammonia. Secondly you can tell if the chicken is bad by touching it, if it is slimy then it is most likely not good. Do not chance it with chicken because you can get very sick if the chicken is bad.
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