How Can I Tell If I Have Broke My Foot?


You can be able to tell that your foot is broken when your foot begins to experience some pain and swelling. It becomes so intense that you are not able to walk. You should also tell if your foot is broken by checking if your foot is double its size in puffiness.
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Some of the ways to know whether your foot is broken are; you can wiggle your toe and if there is severe pain, it suggests the toe is broken. The other way is to check for swellings. If your toe is double its size in puffiness and the skin is stretched, your toe may be broken.
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If your foot is broke, you will be in extreme pain. You will probably not be able to bend your foot or move your toes. There will also be bruising and swelling. Go to the hospital.
by going to the doctors or the hospital -- They are correct. The only way to tell definitively that your foot is broken is to have x-rays taken. Common signs would be pain, especially
1. Place a sheet of plain paper on the ground. Ensure that the surface is flat and without bumps or debris underneath. 2. Sit down in a chair and place your foot flat onto the surface
Broken bones in the foot cause pain and swelling. Usually (but not
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To know if you have broken your foot after an injury, there some symptoms you need to check out for. If you have broken your ankle, you will feel a lot of pain ...
The best way to tell if your foot is broken is if you are in severe pain. If you try to walk on your foot but can't, that is another sign it may be broken. Swelling ...
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