How Can I Tell If My Axle Is Broken?


You can tell if your axle is broken in several ways. For one, the car will not be able to accelerate properly. There will also be a screeching sound every time you speed up. Second, the back of the car will drop down, which will cause two or more tires to deflate. Lastly, the car will appear to be on a slant or not parallel to the ground.
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1. Jack the trailer and take both the tires off of the axle with a lug wrench. 2. Measure the "track width. Measure from the flat side of the wheel hub all the way to the flat
Nothing in your description makes me think the axle is broken, or even damaged in any identifiable way. I suspect they saw the remnants of the CV joint grease and jumped to the conclusion
its very very simple. if you put the car in a drive gear, you should move. if not, you should hear noises suggesting something isn't right. a broken axle will make alot of noise,
That works fine on a relatively new vehicle but one that has run in salt etc you'll save a lot of time if you remove the steering knuckle completey by separating lower ball joint
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An axle is a central shaft for a rotating wheel or gear in an automobile, when the axle is broken, the automobile produces a clicking sound from the front when ...
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