How Can I Tell If My Computer Has Been Bugged?


There are several indications that will determine if your computer has been bugged. You'll notice that it runs slower than the usual and might cause some websites to crash. In some cases, the desktop screen could also go blank.
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1. Press "Ctrl, "Alt, and "Delete" at the same time to bring up the Task Manager. 2. Click on the "Processes" tab and look through the list for any suspicious
1. Remember the orientation of your mouse or keyboard. This way you can see if mom has moved them. Ad. 2. Leave the mouse pointer in a specific place (for example: you might wish
There are two types of people who need to be concerned about being the target of keylogging: You have reason to suspect that you, in particular are being targeted as a high profile
The joystick is wet. OR. there is white out on the screen.
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