How can I tell if my English Bulldog is pregnant?


There are a few ways to tell if your English Bulldog is pregnant. The dog's nipples will enlarge and being to pop out and the dog will also start gaining weight.
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1. Make sure she was ovulating. Due to hormone changes, when the bulldog is heat, the bulldog may show signs that she is ready to be mounted before she begins to ovulate. A surefire
Most dogs give birth 63-65 days after
All dogs are the same when it comes to the length of pregnancy. It's approximately 63 to 65 days.
Dogs don't get "morning sickness" You need to get this b*tch spayed, responsible breeders don't give a dog a chance to have an accident. Purebred doesn't mean ANYTHING!
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How Do I Tell If My English Bulldog Is Pregnant?
English bulldogs have become one of the most popular breed of dogs on the market today. They were first bred with a fierce fighting nature, but since dog fighting became illegal in the United Kingdom the English bulldog's fighting nature was bred out of... More »
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