How Can I Tell If My Fish Is a Boy or Girl?


Telling if a particular fish is female or male can vary depending on its type. Though generally speaking, males tend to be more colorful than female fishes.
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1. Purchase a jewellers loup. These are powerful magnifying devices that you can hold in front of one eye. 2. Look at the size of the fish. This is the quickest way to determine the
When the boy makes something stupid in front of the girl, it is definitely a sign. Usually the boys try to attract the attention of the girl they like by doing stupid and crazy things
its may not be easy but you can tell around spring. around spring it is mating time and the if you look right on top of the tank the male will look even on both sides and the female
I can't really tell you without knowing the species as every species is
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To tell if your betta fish is a boy or a girl is by looking at their fins. A boy betta has longer fins than the girl bettas do. Boys are also a little larger in ...
Telling the difference between a boy fish, and girl fish, may be kind of hard depending on what kind of fish it is. Female fish are usually darker in color than ...
Your Molly fish will show secondary sex characteristics to tell whether it i a boy or girl between 2 and 3 months of age. If it is a male the fin closest to the ...
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