How Can I Tell If My Goldfish Are Mating?


Male goldfish will chase female goldfish around the tank when the mating process begins. You will also be able to tell visually when a female goldfish is pregnant.
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To understand how goldfish mate is to understand their maturity. Usually goldfish reach sexual maturity nine or so months after birth. You'll notice the males chasing and bumping
If there is at least one male and one female in the same tank, and the female is full of eggs, the male will chase her and poke his head against her side & belly to convince her
The fish aren't mating. I think the reasoning for the chasing and nipping is that the goldfish and koi are fighting for space in a 10 gallon tank, too small for both fish. I know
1. Find out what type of goldfish you have. This article talks about the common goldfish you would see at a pet store, which includes the common variety, comets and shubunkins. Ad
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Gold fish are oviparous meaning that the eggs develop outside the mother's body with the male and female fish shedding their gametes into the surrounding water ...
You can only tell the sex of an Oranda Goldfish when they are older. The male is more slender and tends to be smaller than the female. In breeding season, the ...
The most commonly used way to tell the sex of a gold fish involves waiting for the spawning season. During this period, females become heavier and may appear lopsided ...
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