How Can I Tell If My Gucci Purse Is Authentic?


If you want to tell if your Gucci Purse Is Authentic, just gaze in the inner of your bag, there should be a Gucci flap label, and beneath that tag are the serial numbers. Flip it over and perceive if there are numbers, and if your bag is all skin or has skin coating in the interior, the interior zipper is a Gucci GG pull. If you have a fabric Gucci bag, it will contain a fabric coating. If you got leather, it will have a leather coating.
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1. Look inside the bag at the interior label. All Gucci bags are made in Italy. If the purse is made in any other place, it is a fake. 2. Think logically about the price. The average
There are several things that would enable you to tell an original
Look for the union label
Why would it have 2 serial numbers? I've never looked, but I do have a Gucci and don't believe that's so. I've never owned any designer bag that had two serial numbers, that's weird
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How Can I Tell if My Gucci Purse Is Authentic?
Designer purses are known to have countless knockoffs. Thus, knowing the protocol each brand follows when making a bag is important to ensure its authenticity. Gucci is one of the world's leading designers and sells countless bags as well as clothing.... More »
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