How Can I Tell If My Phone Is Bugged?


To tell if your phone is bugged, there are several simple methods. You can check to see how long your phone stays charged. Often, those phone 'bugs' will consume lots of battery power and increase the temperature of your battery. Check to see if there is a strange delay in the shut-down process.
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1. Listen for volume or tone changes on your phone. This is the most common indicator that your phone has been tapped or bugged by an eavesdropper. You may also hear background clicks
No, the only way to tell if your phone is bugged, is to open the phone in half, and look, bugged phones are almost virtually impossible to guess.
I haven't seen it explained, but there is speculation that iPhone uses a week based calendar system, so that January 1 and 2 of 2011 are actually part of week 52 of 2010. Given this
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How Can I Tell If My Phone Is Bugged?
In 2006 a number of news outlets reported that the FBI was tapping terrorism suspects' cell phones by eavesdropping on the cell phone mic within specifically distributed phones which had had their firmware changed. While tapping into a cell phone is a... More »
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