How Can I Tell If My Rolex Is a Fake?


The cheapest Rolex models are priced at over $3,000 new, so if you are paying for a Rolex under the net rate, you might just be buying a fake Rolex. See if the watch comes with the original boxes and papers. The papers will indicate where the watch was purchased, and the dates of the original warranty. Original Rolex watches have serial numbers that will be located under the watch near the 12 o'clock marker, near the lugs on the underside of the watch, or along the side of the watch under the bezel.
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A fake Rolex has a clear caseback which allows you to see how the watch works inside. The caseback of a fake Rolex is engraved unlike a real Rolex.
1. Know your price. Rolex Daytona watches sell for $9,925 and higher. While you can occasionally find a slight discount on Rolex watches from reputable places or people, if the price
1 Look at the source. The first thing to do when assessing the authenticity of a Rolex is to look at where it comes from. A reputable jeweler or a fine watch dealer is probably going
Anyone who tells you to look for the jerky second hand knows nothing about watches. There are real Rolex that have the “jerky” second hand. They are called “Oysterquartz
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One of the easiest ways to spot a fake Rolex is to look at the back. If it is clear it is fake. Real Rolex watches also have a hologram encoded sticker on the ...
You can tell if a Rolex watch is fake by looking into its case back, hologram sticker, date magnification, triplock crown seal, and the minute hands. You can ...
You can tell if your Rolex is fake by the back of the watch. If it has a clear back or has the word Rolex engraved on the back, it is generally fake. Rolex does ...
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