How can i tell if my snail is dead?


From what I know, there are a few ways to tell if your snail is dead. If it is a water snail, it will float to the top of the tank. For a land snail, you should try to feed it and then poke it.
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The best way to tell if your snail is dead, is to watch it for a couple days. If it's not coming out and eating/drinking then it could probably be dead. Pick it up and see if the inside of it is dry. If it is, it might be dead.
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1. Remove the lid of your aquarium to make sure the snail is not floating at the top of the water. If the snail is floating at the top of the water, the snail is probably dead, depending
A dead snail smells really bad, like a rotten egg! Some snails only come out at night
Pour salt on it. If it doesn't move, it is dead. Pouring salt on it, however, will kill it. Catch-22.
Usually a dead snail's "door" will hang open and won't be retracted when touched. The "door" is the hard thing that covers the opening of the shell when the snail
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To know if a land snail is dead is when it stops moving. If it hasn't moved for a long period of time, it probably isn't a live. Also, confirming it's state of ...
1. Watch the snail for several minutes. If it doesn't move, it may be dead. 2. Poke the snail gently with a finger. Snails don't bite, and the snail will likely ...
A snail can die if it consumes either salt or sugar. Hence, it is advisable for those who keep snails as pets to keep sugar and salt away from the molluscs as ...
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