How Can I Tell Real Turquoise from Fake?


Turquoise is a type of stone that is mainly a blue-green color. To tell real turquoise from fake, check to see if the color is uniform. Fake turquoise is usually injected and the dye will fade.
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1. Hold the turquoise in your hand for about seven minutes. If it begins to warm, it is plastic. 2. Examine the turquoise closely. Real turquoise will have some natural color variation
Study the quality of the color. The bad or
1. Ask where the jewelry comes from. Today, turquoise is mined in Iran, China, Tibet and the southwestern United States. Some of the most desired today--MORE?
1. Look at the source. The first thing to do when assessing the authenticity of a Rolex is to look at where it comes from. A reputable jeweler or a fine watch dealer is probably going
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