How Can I Test an Electronic Ignition Coil?


You can test a electronic ignition coil by seeing if the primary resistance is in between the two primary coil terminals. You will test that when the coil connector is disconnected and the ignition is off.
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How do I Test an Electronic Ignition Coil?
Your vehicle's spark plugs are ignited via a magnetic current that is generated by the ignition coil pack. The ignition coil pack usually consists of two cylinders of copper wire, which discharge a magnetic field. The magnetic field then sends an... More »
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1. Access the engine by opening the hood, then locate the spark plugs in the middle and on top of the engine. Locate the ignition coil pack, which is black in color and cylindrical
1 Disconnect the output wire of the distributor ignition coil from the distributor cap with the ignition switch in the "off" position. Ad
you cant. you can test it with an ohm meter if it reads 000 theres no resistance and its bad if it reads an open its bad you want around a couple hundred ohms.
Here's my issue - car turns over great but won't start. So, I'm trying to de-bug the problem. A couple logcal places to start are ignition or fuel delivery. Seems easy to start with
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The test for an ignition coil begins with disconnecting the coil output wire. Then a person will have to hook a spark plug to the output wire making sure that ...
To test an automobile ignition coil you will need to use volt/ohms meter. By reading the amount of ohms will or can help you determine if there is a problem with ...
1. Disconnect the negative battery cable, using a wrench or socket and ratchet. Move the cable away from the battery while you are working. 2. Locate the coil ...
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