How Can I Transfer Photos from One Laptop to Another?


To copy files from one lap top to another, you may need to burn the files in a CD or DVD which would ensure preservation of the files. You can then transport them to whichever computer you may want to view them .You could also use a flash disk or a memory stick to copy the files.
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1. Put the application installation CD or DVD into your laptop computer's disc drive. This is the CD or DVD you received when you initially purchased the application. 2. Wait a few
You can use Windows Easy Transfer available at the URL below This free software will transfer your user info and data to a new PC. If you have
If you laptop has a CD drive put the CD in to it and then you would select the photos that you want right click and then click burn to disc. If your laptop doesnt have a CD drive
laptops nowadays very likely have built in wireless cards. why don't you put both on your wireless network and share (make public) the source folder. on the destination laptop you
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