How Can I Use the Word Impetus in a Sentence?


To use the word impetus in a sentence you first need to understand the meaning of the word. It is originally Welsh. The word means encouragement or reason. 'I need an impetus to be an effective learner.' is a good example sentence.
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impetus in a sentence
She avoided explaining the impetus behind her emigration from Barbados to Manhattan.
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The impetus of the waves knocked him over is a sentence using
Answer Having others answer questions for you gives you no IMPETUS to learn on your own.
A sentence, in its simplest form is made up of a subject and a verb. The subject consists of a noun and the verb is the action word. A simple sentence example is, 'The cat played,
1. Review the sentence that precedes the one you want to write. Ensure that the sentence structure is sound and that you do not need to link it to the sentence you are going to write
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