How can kids make money?


There are a lot of ways that kids can make money. Kids can make money by offering to do chores for neighbors and family friends. They can also participate in various crafting and selling projects.
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1. Step up a small folding table as a lemonade stand and hang posters advertising the price of the lemonade off the table. 2. Stir up some lemonade. Fresh lemonade can be made with
Okay look buy some candy canes for a dollar a box 12 count. sell 2 canes for 25 cents you'll double Ur get 2 dollars each box you sell Kids usually above the age of
1. Collect some shells (preferably not cracked or broken) A good amount would be about 10-15 shells for starters. Ad. 2. Drill a tiny hole into each shell with a drill. 3. Take some
Odd jobs around the neighborhood.
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How Can I Make Money As a Kid?
Just because you're a kid doesn't mean you can't find ways to make some money. With a bit of imagination and determination, you can start your own business and earn some cash to buy the things you want and need. Read on for some quick tips on how you can... More »
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