How Can Kids Make Money?


There are a lot of ways that kids can make money. Kids can make money by offering to do chores for neighbors and family friends. They can also participate in various crafting and selling projects.
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1. Do yard work. This can include a lot of things like: mowing lawns (most people have their own lawn mower and are willing to let use it if you are old enough and prove to be responsible
1 Wash cars and bikes . Wet it, scrub it down with a soapy brush, and rinse it. If it’s a car, wash the windows afterwards (not before, or they’ll get splashed!). Since
1 Collect several smooth round stones . Beach pebbles are best but any stone will do 2 Clean them if they are not already clean 3 Get some paints and PVA glue . Cheap water based
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A kid can make money by doing painting, chores, and yard work for neighbors, relatives, and friends parents. They can also get a paper route or make trinkets to ...
In order to get money for kids or for kids to make money they will have to work. They can do chores, shovel snow, or clean for neighbors and friends. They can ...
There are many ways kids can make money. They can: do chores, mow lawns, and babysit for the neighbors in the community. ...
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