How Can My Step Father Adopt Me?


If your step father wants to adopt you, the process is slightly different. He needs to tell your local council about his plans three months before he start the adoption process through the courts.The court will ask a social worker from your local council to write a report about your step father, you and the other birth parent, to help them to make a decision.
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You need a lawyer to do this.
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First of all your biological father has to sign away all parental rights. The fact that he doesn't know you, doesn't pay child support means nothing in the eyes of the law, his DNA
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The first thing he should do is to contact your local social services. He should then give notice in writing stating your full names and dates of birth, stating ...
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Your husband can adopt your daughter if he is a step parent. In order to do this, he must first get the permission of the child's biological father, if he is still ...
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