How Can Objects Become Electrically Charged?


Objects become electrically charged when there is more electron atoms than there are proton atoms. This occurs when molecules gain or lose electrons. The number of protons never change in a molecule.
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well not many things can be ELECTRICALLY CHRAGED. lik wood holds about 12% of wood and 0% of eletricaty.
Imagine a tennis ball resting on a table. Now imagine you're holding a tennis ball at the same height. Neither of the balls is moving, so neither has any kinetic energy. If you let
Electric charge is a fundamental conserved property of
An increase or decrease in the number of electrons in an object gives it an electrical charge. When an object gains electrons, it becomes negatively charged. When it loses electrons
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An object becomes positively charged through the loss of one or more electrons. Electrons are subatomic particles that are negatively charged. By losing the electrons ...
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