How Can People Conserve Mineral Resources?


Mineral resources are natural and scarce, unlike renewable energy sources. People can conserve mineral resources by using solar, hydroelectric, and other renewable forms of energy, and recycling minerals. It also helps to use the limited mineral resources in such a way that it produces the maximum possible output.
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Minerals are important for every country for its development and they need to. be conserved because: a. Industry and agriculture depend upon minerals and the substances. manufactured
how to conserve mineral resources: use what is necessary but don t overuse
1. Exercise restraint when watering your lawn. A lawn sprinkler system can spray thousands of gallons of water into your yard in the average month. Instead of planting a garden that
Back up about 110 years! Research other energy sources! Tesla towers, Cold fusion(hydrogen) aw phooey, you can not conserve mineral resources in a system of government that is striving
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