How Can U Tell If a Dog Has a Fever?


You can usually tell if your dog has a fever if the dog's nose is warm and dry. Most of the time a healthy dog will have a cold, wet nose. When you think your dog has a fever always check their temperature and dogs normal temperature range is from 100 to 102 degrees.
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1. Look for changes in your dog's normal behavior. When his attitude changes or if he becomes lethargic this could be an indication he has a fever. 2. Check your dog's eyes to see
The way to tell whether your dog has a fever or not is too feel their nose. If it is hot and dry that means they are not feeling well. If your dog has lost it's appetite and hasn't
When taking a rectal temp make sure you tilt to left if you go straight in you get the temp of the faeces.
Your dog's normal rectal temperature is 100.5 to 102.5 degrees F Hi...
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How to Tell If a Dog Has a Fever
Dogs have many of the same medical problems as humans do, which means they can also run a fever. This is something that many pet owners seem to forget. When you get a fever, it's an indication that something is wrong physically and the same is true for... More »
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