How Can Viruses Affect Your Computer?


Viruses affect computers by causing the loss of data, destroying files and software, program applications. Although some are harmless others can be very devastating causing a company's entire network to shut down. They do this by replicating and hiding on other applications.
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There are many different types of viruses and all of these behave in slightly different ways. They will all affect your computer differently. Viruses commonly cause your computer to slow down and can also result in the loss of important files.Some viruses compromise the security of your computer. These allow hackers to view your personal information which could leave you open to identity theft.
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General Viruses General computer viruses are packages of software that hide alongside other programs that seem valid. In most cases the virus is so small, and so well hidden, that
Viruses are not good if you get them as humans so they really are not good for computers. The first computer virus was called a trojan and caused damage to the computer's hard drive
Unfortunetly, there are many diffrent types of viruses. Depending on the virus, it may attack your system and track data and sent information, make mass duplicates of itself, using
Hi Katrina, A virus is a program or piece of code that is loaded onto your computer without your knowledge and runs against your wishes. Viruses can also replicate themselves. All
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There are types of viruses like computer virus, virus which affects our body. A computer virus is the computer program that can copy itself and infect the computer.There ...
There are no active viruses that affect Mac OS X. ...
There are no active viruses that affect Mac OS X. ...
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