How Can We Prevent Flooding?


We can prevent floods by constructing barriers like floodwalls around rivers or dams. We can also regulate the floor of a river that causes floods by building a dam. Planting of trees also help as it prevents silting which normally leads to flooding.
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1. Mow surrounding grass, and remove weeds. Dead grass and weeds can clog your stream and cause water to back up. Keeping the area clear of grass and weeds minimizes the risk of clogging
Don't Cut Out Trees. Don't Throw Many Garbage In Seas, Rivers , and Other More.
The following are the safety measures to be taken before a flood to prevent flood damage: * If you are living in a flood prone area, you should elevate and reinforce your home to
The best way to prevent flooding is to stay out of Nature's way and let it do what it does. Trying to build levees and other flood-control systems only compounds the problem by artificially
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Flooding can be prevented by use of levees so that excess water is not able to go over the normal levels. The levees also allow rain water to evaporate before it accumulates. Floodwalls and beams also serve as good flood prevention devices.
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