How do I protect against flooding?


We can prevent floods by constructing barriers like floodwalls around rivers or dams. We can also regulate the floor of a river that causes floods by building a dam. Planting of trees also help as it prevents silting which normally leads to flooding.
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Flood Prevention There are a myriad of ways to prevent floods. The creation of flood plains and winding streams are two of the best ways to hinder the accumulation of water by providing
1. Prepare a disaster plan. This should be done before the threat of a flood ever strikes. Figure out where you will go if a flood threatens your home, where all of your insurance
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There is three easy ways to reduce flooding. Planting trees to soak up rainwater Digging up the riverbed and dumping silt on the riverbanks Digging channels/ tributaries You could
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Flooding can be prevented by use of levees so that excess water is not able to go over the normal levels. The levees also allow rain water to evaporate before it accumulates. Floodwalls and beams also serve as good flood prevention devices.
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