How Can We Protect the Ozone Layer?


To protect the ozone layer, avoid using aerosols or sprays of any form, don't buy insulation made out of CFC and walk or ride your bike instead of using your car.
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Since the banning of CFC in industry (Montreal Protocol, 1989) ozone depletion has mostly stopped with some signs that levels are increasing. Scientists believe that ozone will return
1. Start from not cutting down big trees even the ones in the forest. 2. Smaller step is to not throw any thing in the road. 3. Stop using anything that produces much smoke. 4. Grow
Successfully phase out CFCs (chloroflourocarbons) Cha!
Most ecosystems rely on the ozone to protect them from harmful ultraviolet (UV) light. If you know much about the light spectrum, you'll remember that the varying wavelengths of light
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We can protect our ozone layer from being destroyed by changing our consumption of energy and our habits. It is true that damage has already been done, but it ...
The ozone layer is the part of the atmosphere that protects earth and it's inhabitants from damaging sun rays. The ozone layer's depletion or decrease has been ...
The function of the Ozone Layer is to protect the earth from much of the suns destructive radiation. The defensive role of the ozone layer in the upper ambiance ...
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