How Can We Protect the Ozone Layer?


To protect the ozone layer, avoid using aerosols or sprays of any form, don't buy insulation made out of CFC and walk or ride your bike instead of using your car.
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The ozone layer can be protected by minimizing the use of ozone depleting substances. These ODS contain CFC's which deplete ozone and result in ozone hole.
In order to stop ozone depletion we need to stop using products that release CFCs and HCFCs. These are usually found in refrigeration and cooling systems as well as aerosol cans.
The hole in the ozone layer was caused by CFC's. Once this had been proven CFC's were banned. There isn't much we can do now, but the good news is, the hole is shrinking ever since
That's a tough question and, honestly, well outside my expertise but I'm happy to share my personal opinion. I think there are three big questions in this. First, how to technically
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The function of the Ozone Layer is to protect the earth from much of the suns destructive radiation. The defensive role of the ozone layer in the upper ambiance ...
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