How Can We Stop Cats from Poohing in Our Garden?


You can stop cats from pooing by keeping the cats away from your garden using the Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent System unit. When a cat moves in front of the sensor an ultrasonic sound startles the cat keeping cats away and preventing the pooing menace
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The soft earth is the enticement for cats. They like something easy to dig. You can try covering the dirt with something that is not nice to dig, like rocks, gravel, or bark mulch.
If you have a dog or a neighbor that has a dog, try getting him to "mark" the lawn, If that doesn't work or if you can't find a dog (and this sounds sick) try getting a
Hi Shan. There are some natural remedies that people use and they claim it work. I am including two websites that you should find useful. Please read through them carefully. One of
chillie powder or some netting on sticks so the cat cant get to the soil.
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To stop cats from getting into your garden, you can use pepper dust or lion dung, which can be purchased from your local garden centre. You can also get an ultrasonic ...
To stop your dog from killing your cats, it might be a good idea to totally keep the animals separate. Some dogs think of cats as a predator. It might be a good ...
If you want to stop cats from pooping in your garden apply cayenne, black and red peppers flakes in to your garden then spread them out with your rake. Sprinkle ...
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